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Passion Fire Fans are sturdy and lightweight, and are an excellent choice for seasoned performers as well as beginners. Two arches allow fire dancers of various hand sizes to hold them comfortably, and the ring allows for the addition of finger-spinning movements to your routine. Hold them close together to form burning eyes, or hold them high to evoke images of a rising sun. Passion Fire Fans will supplement and illuminate your dance beautifully. The 17 inch (42.5 cm) tall and 26 inch (66 cm) wide black powder-coated steel frame is easy to manipulate, weighing only 2.2 pounds (1.0 kg), so that you can dance all night. Passion Fire Fans provide a brilliant flame from 5 wicks with 12 inches of 1 inch wide K2 KEVLAR(R) tape fire wick each, with burn times around 3 minutes when using white gas. A cotter pin secures the wick at the top of each head, which can easily be removed when wick replacement is desired.

Sold as a pair.


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