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Stunning and downright sexy, our Supreme Fire Poi Heads are highly preferred in the fire community for their beautiful design, comfortable spinning weight, and their ability to retain more fuel gaining longer burn times and a larger flame. Burning Passion's Supreme Fire Poi Heads provides more burns as it is meticulously sewn together with kevlar thread, connecting more points to prevent fraying. The rigging is made from ultra tough hardware, built with a solid metal rod for support and fit with a super strong 220 lbs split ring at the top to connect the poi head to chains. The Supreme Fire Poi Heads deliver in every aspect.

A commonly asked question is what is the difference between the Stacked, Supreme and Hybrid poi heads. It is purely aesthetic, they all burn the same time and are made from the same amount of material. Choose the style you think looks best!

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-Sold as a pair.

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