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Burning Passion Safety Towel is 100% cotton treated to be fire retardant with a brushed matte finish. This safety towel is used to extinguish fire props. It is kept dry, which makes it much easier to travel with rather than using a damp towel for fire dancing safety. It is actually Commando Cloth which is thicker than your average duvetyne, making it last much longer.

This safety towel is a standard in the motion picture industry due to it's fire resistant properties and it's ability to block out unwanted light.  It has been tested in accordance with NFPA 701 and meets the requirements of that standard.

Both sides of the cloth have been treated to be fire resistant. Do not wash your safety towel as it will remove the fire resistant treatment. It is best to keep it dry at all times.

This safety towel extinguishes the flame on a fire prop by smothering it and cutting off it's source of oxygen. In order to ensure you extinguish a fire prop correctly with this safety towel, wrap the burning prop up so there are no open sides and hold the towel against the prop for approximately ten seconds to ensure it has been extinguished.

Sold per cut.
Each cut is 4 feet 8 inches by 3 feet (56" (142cm) by 36" (91cm))


Price: $ 15.00

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